Family Selection

Chairperson:  Judith Ham

Our Family Selection Committee is responsible for conducting the application process.  The three main requirements for qualification to become a Habitat homeowner are:

Need for Adequate Housing

The applicant family must be living in substandard housing. Their current home must either be too small for their family size, in disrepair or does not meet their basic housing needs.

Ability to pay a Habitat Mortgage

Because Habitat for Humanity does not “give away” homes, but rather requires the homeowner repay a no-interest mortgage covering the cost of building the home, we must assure that the applicant can make their payments. Using guidelines such as minimum income, debt-to-income ratio, monthly payment consistency and income tax statements, Family Selection assesses whether an applicant has the resources to pay a Habitat mortgage.

Willingness to Partner

The committee determines whether the applicant is willing to commit to completing the sweat equity requirements, making their mortgage payments, and working with Habitat.

The Habitat for Humanity program is open to families whose total household income is between 50% to 75% of median income for the area as determined by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD).   The 2017 chart of income limits can be viewed here. 2017 HUD Income Limits

After conducting a home visit to assess the applicant’s need for adequate housing, the committee diligently reviews the information in the application and the required income documentation and makes their recommendation to the Board of Directors.  After careful consideration, the Board makes the final decision for approval.

Interested in Applying for a Habitat Home? 
If you would like to apply for a Habitat home, please call us at 828-884-3464 or send us your name, mailing address and phone number on the a messaging form by clicking the link below and we will let you know more about this process.
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Volunteer Opportunities
If you would like to volunteer to serve on the Family Selection Committee, please call 828-884-3464 or send us your contact information by clicking here and we will contact you.