FlyLady Build Project

FlyLady Build Project is still receiving contributions!  Come join the effort to build a FlyLady/Habitat house in Transylvania County!  Marla Cilley – aka “The FlyLady” – has partnered with Transylvania Habitat for Humanity (and with the help of a team of Habitat for Humanity International software developers based in Atlanta) and has launched a social media-based fund-raising effort that is hoped will raise thousands of dollars for Habitat in the coming years.  The FlyLady Build Project is an online fund-raising campaign, championed by FlyLady herself, with the objective of raising enough money to build one Habitat house in Transylvania County.

“My hope is this will be the first of many houses we build across the country,” Cilley says. Indeed, long-term objectives of FlyLady Build Project are to help other local Habitat affiliates in the United States similarly raise money to build houses. “But today, I’m excited to get to work and watch the walls of this very first house go up, right here in my own hometown of Brevard,” Cilley adds.

The online component of  FlyLady Build Project ( is closely integrated with social media platforms, including Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest. Visitors to the online donation page have the ability to post comments, view videos, share activity with friends, create fund-raising teams, and make donations.  The first phase of the project is a campaign to raise $111,000, the amount needed to build one house in Transylvania County. “I hope we can build a whole subdivision of houses,” says Cilley with enthusiasm. “With support from our community here, and the our caring community of FlyBabies around the world, I know we’ll succeed.”

If you would like to donate to the FlyLady Build Project, click the button below to be taken to the FlyLady Build Project page on the Share.Habitat web site.

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