Family Nurture

Chairperson:  Mary Meseck

The mission of the Family Nuture Committee is to act as a support group for those families that are selected to receive a Habitat home.

After a partner-family is selected and approved, they are assigned a “nurture person” to guide them into home-ownership.  The Family Nurture Committee works with the partner-families, helping them to find “Sweat Equity” opportunities, select the colors for the outside and inside of their home and shop for fixtures and floor-coverings.

The committee conducts mandatory homeowner education classes for new partner-families.  The goals of these workshops are to educate our families about budgeting, predatory lending, finances associated with home ownership, home maintenance and how to be a good neighbor.  Overall, we endeavor to help our families become successful home owners and members of our community.

Volunteer Opportunities:
If you would like to volunteer to serve on the Family Nurture Committee, please call our office at 828-884-3464 or send us your contact information using by clicking here and Mary will contact you.