Housing Constr. & Prop. Maint.  Manager:                      Chairman:
Mike Krauter

Objectives: To build a quality house, meeting and exceeding building codes, using local, licensed sub-contractors when required and relying on volunteer labor to do the majority of the construction work, which minimizes the cost to the homeowner. Local suppliers will be used when possible in support of our county. All volunteer work will be done under the supervision of our foreman and following approved safety methods. To train our volunteers by hands-on, on-the-job training and insure a sense of accomplishment as they help a family become an owner of a quality-built home.
Operations: Construction operates (8:00 AM to 5:00 PM) on a Monday through Thursday schedule, due to the fact that the majority of our volunteers are retired and choose to have their weekend free. Transylvania Habitat for Humanity (THFH) supplies all the major construction tools; volunteers are asked to supply a basic tool belt, hammer, measuring tape, speed square, chalk box, utility knife and carpenter’s pencils. However, if that is not possible, other arrangements can be made. The majority of our volunteers work the same day each week to maintain rapport with their group. Some volunteers work more than one day a week, which is very much appreciated.

Skills to be learned:
Site preparation, footings, block water-proofing, house-framing, roofing, exterior window and door installation, vinyl siding, porch construction (flooring and railings), kitchen and bath cabinet installation, appliance installation, interior trim out (doors, baseboard and moldings), water management from down-spouts, final grading and general house construction methods.

Since our founding in 1984, THFH has completed 62 houses in Transylvania County.  We are busy working on house number 63, which will be complete in 2017. Home number 63 is is partner with SECU Foundations. Our Housing Ministry/ Construction Building is behind our  ReStore building on Ecusta Road in Brevard.  This building houses our offices as well as gives us our own space to store our tools and materials.  We will also use this space to paint trim and prepare framing for our houses during inclement weather.

Volunteer Opportunities:To volunteer with Construction, or to get more information, you may call our Construction Manager, Mike Krauter, directly at 828-862-8426 or contact our Volunteer Coordinator, Luck Sheppard, by calling 828-884-3464 or send us your contact information by clicking here.

Home #58 Complete!

Home # 58 Complete

Progress on our most recent houses.  Click on each picture for more construction-in-progress pictures of that house.

Home Finshed