Below is a list of standing committees of Transylvania Habitat for Humanity.  Click on the committee name to see a brief description of each committee’s function within our organization.  If you are interested in volunteering to serve on any of the committees, please either give us a call at 828-884-3464 or send us a message containing your contact information and the name of the committee you are interested it by clicking here.


Chairperson: Don Campbell | The officers of Transylvania Habitat’s Board of Directors are the members of the Administrative Committee. The primary function of the committee is to see that the decisions of the Board are implemented in the day-to-day operation of the organization.

Community Relations Committee

Chairperson: Jim Alderman | It is the responsibility of this committee to communicate with churches, businesses, service clubs, corporations, and individuals to establish a favorable relationship and reputation for Habitat for Humanity within the community. Through knowledge of local Habitat needs, efforts are made to indentify and to enlist assistance from community organizations and individuals to fulfill these needs wherever possible.

Construction Committee

Chairperson: Alan Hampton | The Construction Committee is responsible for all phases of building a Habitat home: site preparation, house placement and construction. The Committee consists of the Construction Chair, Construction Foreman, Safety Administrator, Volunteer Coordinator and Building Materials Coordinator.

Family Nurture Committee

Chairperson: Mary Meseck | The basic goal of the Family Nurture Committee is to help families break the poverty cycle and become independent, functioning members of society. The committee acts as a support group to help individual families in working with problems regarding budgeting; nutrition and health care; maintaining the home; sweat equity; taking advantage of educational opportunities; coping with property taxes and homeowner’s insurance; and meeting the press, the Board, and other Habitat families.

Family Selection Committee

Chairperson: Ron Kolstedt| This committee is charged with conducting the application process by which partner-families are chosen to enter into the Habitat program. They begin the application process with informational workshops. After prospective applicants attend one of the workshops, they may make an appointment with members of the committee to complete the application. After all applications are completed and documentation collected, the committee sets up home visit appointments, reviews all applications and makes their recommendation to the Board of Directors for approval.

Finance Committee

Chairperson: Dan White | The Finance Committee governs all financial aspects of the organization. Committee members work with Family Selection to review application income information and make recommendation regarding the applicant’s ability to make a mortgage payment. They create the organization’s fiscal year budget and submit it to the Board for approval.

Nominating Committee

Chairperson: Norm Macoy | The Nominating Committee is responsible for obtaining nominees for the election of Directors and Officers.

Personnel Committee

Chairperson: Don Campbell | The Personnel Committee has the responsibility to establish and oversee Habitat’s policies and procedures as they relate to our paid employees. The Committee is made up of the President (chairperson), the Construction Committee Chair and the ReStore Director.

Resource Development Committee

Chairperson: Vacant| The Resource Development Committee is responsible for the raising of operating money for the corporation.

Safety Committee

Chairperson: Norm Macoy | The Safety Committee is the liaison with safety division of the organization’s insurance carrier and is responsible for assuring that all volunteers have safe working conditions and have access to and understand the safety guidelines pertaining to their job.

Site Selection Committee

Chairperson: Jay Kaiser | The Site Selection Committee locates and investigates the building potential of property on which to build Habitat homes.

Volunteer Recruitment Committee

Chairperson: Vacant | The Recruitment Committee is responsible for recruiting volunteers for our organization.